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12:38 Saturday 25
February 2017

Irwin Allen Update...

With the releases of Land Of The Giants Series One and Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea Series One imminent, we thought we'd let you all know a bit more detail about them...

General Release Information:
All discs will be DVD-9 and encoded as PAL Region 2.
Both releases will contain English Subtitles.
The episodes will be in the original production order but don't worry, we've also included a list with the US broadcast order if that's your preference.
Land Of The Giants - The Complete Series One
Episodes: 26
Run Time: Approximately 22 Hours + Extras
Discs: 7
Special Features: Unaired Version Of The Pilot Episode (The Crash) | Gary Conway Interview | Don Marshall Interview | Presentation Reel | Special Effects Shots (No Audio) | Original US Broadcast Order
Also Includes: 12 Page Booklet
Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea - The Complete Series One
Episodes: 32
Run Time: Approximately 27 Hours + Extras
Discs: 9
Special Features: Never Before Seen Pilot Episode - Eleven Days To Zero (Unaired Pilot) | Home Movie Footage From Irwin Allen (No Audio) | Promotional Reel | David Hedison Interview | Blooper Reel | Still Galleries - Presentation Book, Production / Behind The Scenes, Merchandise | Original US Broadcast Order