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12:37 Saturday 25
February 2017

A Note From Simon Callow...

The wonderful Simon Callow talks about his memories of Chance In A Million...
"The script of Chance in a Million came to me in 1982, at a moment when I had just completed an 10-month run in J P Donleavy's The Beastly Beatitudes of Balthazar B. I had been acting in the theatre for nine years pretty well non-stop, including two years at the National Theatre playing Mozart in the original production of Amadeus, and I was eager to do something different. Chance in a Million was an answer to a maiden's prayer. Funny, original, innocent, even rather romantic, it was like nothing else I had ever seen in a situation comedy. My character, Tom Chance, had a startling way of speaking, loosely based, I surmised, on the itinerant actor Mr Jingle in Dickens's The Pickwick Papers. I fell on it with joy, though I was mildly surprised to have been offered it. The producer, Michael Mills, who had sent me the script, had cast me some years earlier in a very small part in one of the many television comedy programmes he had spawned, Get Some In; I had played a teddy boy in it, and something about the performance must have stuck in his mind, though what exactly it was is hard to guess, since had you turned away from the set to scratch your back you would have missed it. He had asked his casting director "whatever happened to that boy?", all my rather posh National Theatre and West End roles having apparently passed him by. I shall always be grateful to him for one of the most enjoyable jobs of my career, a show which everyone who saw it at the time (and there were a lot of them) has remembered with deep affection."